Newsday: Pataki presses on in New Hampshire with presidential bid

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

HANOVER, N.H. -- George Pataki has a lot to say about energy supply, climate change, the Islamic State group, Vladimir Putin, the federal tax code, Washington lobbyists, Obamacare, welfare, vaccines, guns and what he considers pie-in-the-sky promises by his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination.

But first, he has to get by the question he hears at every campaign stop: Why is he running?

The former New York governor is not oblivious to the fact that he's conducting a long-shot campaign for the GOP nomination. In a 14-person field, he's registering at less than 1 percent in most national polls and has been relegated to the second tier in the GOP's televised debates. With comparatively few donors, he's running on a shoestring budget, traveling with only a few aides and meeting with small groups of voters.

Pataki, though, is plugging away, putting all his effort into this state's primary and hoping for a break.

"One thing that is certain is that things will change dramatically between now and February," Pataki, referring to the date of the first GOP primary, said while shaking hands Tuesday with the breakfast crowd at the Lebanon Diner. "But I'm not going to pretend I can come in 12th in New Hampshire and continue. We have got to break into the pack."

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  • The current Republican field cries out for a shakeup . . . Do not underestimate [Pataki] . . . He's a stone-cold political killer.
    Huffington Post
  • Don't underestimate the impact of his big brain on the debate stage.
    Mark Halperin
    Bloomberg News
  • Of all the potential candidates, Mr. Pataki has made the most trips to New Hampshire, something that has drawn attention . . .
    Thomas Rath
    former New Hampshire National Republican Committeeman
  • Anyone who says that the 2016 stage has been set has not met George Pataki.
    Ken Salazar
    Former United States Secretary of the Interior
  • George Pataki would make a more formidable Republican candidate than many seem to appreciate.
    Bernie Quigley
    New York Observer
  • Here's a guy who was mayor of Peekskill and figured out how to become Governor of New York. So I wouldn't underestimate him ...
    John McLaughlin
    Gannet Syndicate